Canons & Kings
Step back to Medieval times and explore daily life in the Priory and how the Church affected daily life, before moving on to Henry VIII and the dissolution of the Monasteries. Discover how political and court intrigue directly affected the people living here in Runcorn.

Teachers can tailor make a session, choosing from different themes, including costume, working life, food, leisure and the dissolution at Norton Priory.

Halton Castle
Guided tours of Halton Castle, looking at the historical background, the location of the Castle and the strategic and geographical imporance of controlling the landscape. This session involves an in depth tour of the castle itself and study of the surrounding areas from this perfect and stunning vantage point.

Introductory talk ‘Priory: Past and Present'
A guided tour through 1, 000 years of history. A perfect introduction to the Priory and an excellent way to start a day of discovery at Norton Priory.


Sensational Sculpture
Tour the sculpture trail looking at artistic inspiration and use of materials. The trail covers the Museum woodland and Walled Garden and our woodland areas provide a grea space to create natural sculptures form the fallen twigs and leaves. Use the whole site for inspirational work on site or back at school and/or college.

Talking Tiles
Discover Norton Priory's unique Medieval tile collection. Find out how they were made, what the colours and symbols meant and have a go at making your very own to take home. Explore the tiles to uncover more about medieval life and beliefs. A perfect session to compliment 'Canons and Kings' or as a stand alone activity.

Construction & Traditional Skills
Learn about different types of historic buildings and have a go at traditional building skills.

Students will

     Look at different types of building and decoration at Norton Priory
     Explore tile making and make a tile 
     Have a go at Cob building
     Experiment with dry stone walling
     Use a self led trail to find out more

This full day workshop lasts four and a half hours (inc. lunch break) and costs £6 per pupil.


Many teachers use Norton Priory to teach a variety of subjects including Drama, Science, Geography, Art, Modern Foreign Languages and of course History.

If you would like to discuss ways of using the site with your students, please feel free to call the Learning team to discuss opportunities. We can provide a range of information for you to use in planning your independent visit.

Resources available for Self-Led options for secondary schools include

  • Museum and Walled Garden guide
  • History trail for Key Stage 3
  • Sculpture Trail

Click here to download our Secondary Education flyer.

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