Early Years & Primary


Houses & Homes
Early Years - KS1

How were homes different when Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria were on the throne? Discover Tudor & Victorian everyday objects.

Curriculum Links: Significant Lives


Toys & Noise
Early Years - KS1

Learn about and play with toys from the past and compare them to new ones.


A Trip Through Time
KS 1 - 2

Experience 900 years of local history right on your doorstep. Discover how national events affected Norton Priory.

Curriculum Links: Local History Study


Meet the Canons
KS 1 - 2

Meander back to Medieval times and explore daily life at the Priory using costume, quills and hands-on activities. Click here for more information.

Tudor Lives
KS 1 - 2

Discover Tudor life at Norton Priory from food and medicine to clothing and crime. Click here for more information.

Work and Play
KS 1 - 2

Experience life as a Victorian child, helping the servants using household objects and play with some traditional toys. Combine this session with 'Victorian Garden' listed below. Click here for more information.

Home Front
KS 1 - 2

Lend a hand in true wartime spirit, be evacuated and learn what World War II was like for children. Click here for more information.

Castle Views - Halton Castle
KS 1 - 2

Find out about the people who built and lived at Halton Castle in the past. Also find out more about the River Mersey and why control of this area was so important. Curriculum Links: Local History Study, Geography. Castle art sessions also available. Click here for more information.

Victorian & Tudor Christmas Parties
KS 1 - 2
Get in the festive spirit and use this magical time of year to find out how the Brooke family prepared for and celebrated Christmas in Tudor and/or Victorian times. Enjoy decorating the Medieval Undercroft, learn about traditional foods and party games, find out what roles the servants performed and be treated to Cook's fabulous gingerbread and a bit of story tellling. Only available end Nov - December. Up to 60 children per party. Parties available am & pm. Prices available upon request. Click here for Victorian Xmas party info. Click here for Tudor Xmas party info.


Early Years - KS 2Minibeasts

What helps you grow? How do plants grow? Why are vegetables good for us? Explore the Walled Garden and plant some seeds!

Beastly Business
KS 1 - 2

Explore the Walled Garden looking for birds, bees, bugs & mammals. Learn how to identify them and what habitats they like to live in. Available Apr-Oct. Click here for more information.

Water Detectives
KS 1 - 2

Collect and identify pond life in its natural habitat during a hands-on pond dipping session. Available Apr-Sept. Click here for more information.

Victorian Garden
KS 1 - 2

Find out about the jobs servants used to do hidden away at the Walled Garden then have a go at weeding and planting. Click here for more information.


Talking Tiles
KS 1 - Adult
Discover Norton Priory's unique Medieval tile collection. Find out how they were made, what the colours and symbols meant and have a go at making your very own to take home. Explore the tiles to uncover more about medieval life and beliefs. A perfect session to compliment 'Meet the Canons' or as a stand alone activity. Click here for more information.

Quills and Thrills
KS1 - Adult
A fascinating introduction to the history of writing with a hands-on practical workshop exploring illuminated letters and an opportunity to write with quill pen and ink. An excellent compliment to 'Meet the Canons' and 'Tudor Lives' or as a stand alone activity. Click here for more information.

Sensational Sculpture Trail
Early Years - Adult
Tour the stunning collection of sculptures across the 40 acre site. Find artistic inspiration and discover the creative uses of various materials. Why not make your own natural sculpture from the fallen leaves and twigs around you? This session can be taught or self led. Click here for more information.


We can deliver most of our indoor and outdoor sessions as in school sessions. Please get in touch to find out more. 

LOAN BOXES Medieval, Tudor, Victorian and World War II including replica items. Prices from £20. Subject to availability.



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